Qualifying for Mortgage Assistance and Other Subsidies

The Dallas Home Connection provides access to several Federal, State, and local subsidies — The Mortgage Assistance Program being one of the largest. (M.A.P.)

How do I qualify for mortgage assistance?

First, your household income must be under 80% of the Adjusted Median Family Income as published by HUD.

Current Income Limits Are:

$39,450 – for 1 person household
$45,050– for 2 person household
$50,700 – for 3 person household
$56,300 – for 4 person household
$60,850– for 5 person household

As publish by HUD in March 2015

The city of Dallas provides $2o,000 to homebuyers under 80% of Adjust Median Family Income for principal reduction, down payment, and closing costs when purchasing a home that is constructed by one of the Dallas Home Connection’s nonprofit building partners.

The city of Dallas has more information on the M.A.P. program.

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How much assistance am I qualified for?

It depends on the property, your income and other factors. The best way to find out is to fill out our short application and let someone from EDCO Homes contact you.

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I think I have bad credit. Should I apply anyway?

No problem. Our Homebuyers Club is specifically designed to offer credit counselling and get them on the quick path to home ownership.

My household income is over the limit above. Can I still purchase one of your homes?

Of course! If you see a home you like please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in buying the home of your dreams.